All our perishable products are shipped in our custom insulated packaging via overnight delivery to ensure optimal freshness. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information the day your order ships. Please provide a valid email address to receive this information.
Did you ship caviar to your home? Thoroughly inspect your order upon arrival. We are not responsible for spoilage from mishandling of the product once under your care.If you have any concerns about your product after delivery, please email us at within 24 hours of delivery with pictures of the damaged or subpar product, and we will address your concern.

Frequently asked questions

Caspian Queen ships Monday through Thursday, and orders are typically processed for shipping within 48 hours. Once processed, orders ship overnight.
*** The next day cut-off may adjust due to the high demand for online food during this exceptional time. Please choose the next available delivery date.***
Orders received on Saturdays and Sundays will begin processing on the next business day. We cannot make deliveries on Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’ Day, and other National Holidays that fall on a Monday.
Fresh caviar is subject to availability. Our inventory fluctuates hourly. In the event an item becomes unavailable or is delayed significantly, we will contact you directly.
Due to international regulations and customs delays, we are regretfully unable to ship internationally. We cannot process orders with an international billing address. Please provide an American billing address.
We cannot process orders shipping to a PO Box. Please provide an accurate street address.

Caviar is very perishable. An unopened can or jar will stay fresh for up to four weeks, but once opened will only last about three days. The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 28 to 30 F.

Our product is held to the highest standards for quality and freshness. Upon arrival, all product should be thoroughly inspected and all caviar and other perishables immediately refrigerated.

Should there be a concern that the product as received is unsatisfactory, a claim must be made within 24 hours of receipt of the delivery. Upon notification, Caspian Queen will advise a return authorization code and specific return instructions.

No returns will be accepted without prior return authorization.

We will not issue credit for product that has been discarded or partially consumed. Due to the perishable nature of our product we will not issue credit for product not received within two days of shipping due to incorrect or insufficient information provided by the customer and/or absence of recipient. Please be sure to retain all packaging in the event a return is necessary. Caspian Queen is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

Orders ship via Fedex Next Day Air. Overnight Delivery required for all items.Shipping rates provided are estimates, final shipping will be determined by carrier at checkout.

Contiguous Delivery Pricing

Product WeightPriority Delivery CostUnder 1 lb.$35.001 – 2 lbs.$35.002.01 – 4 lbs.$35.004.01 – 6 lbs.$45.006.01 – 8 lbs.$55.008.01 – 10 lbs.$60.0010.01- 12 lbs.$65.0012.01 – 14 lbs.$75.00Over 14 lbs.$80.00

Non-Contiguous Delivery Pricing

Product WeightPriority Delivery CostUnder 1 lb.$55.001 – 2 lbs.$65.002.01 – 4 lbs.$85.004.01 – 6 lbs.$90.006.01 – 8 lbs.$100.008.01 – 10 lbs.$110.0010.01- 12 lbs.$120.0012.01 – 14 lbs.$135.00Over 14 lbs.$175.00

Your order comes in a box with gel packs and air pillows to ensure freshness. We ship fresh seafood in fillet trays.

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